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When I try to save content I get a Forbidden Error?


One of the reasons this error can occur is if there is a glitch in the data transfer between your computer and the website.  The usual fix is to simply use the "back" link on your browser and then re-save the data.  

Another cause is if you have entered some disallowed html data in your content.  This occurs most frequently when you cut and paste from a document like Word or Excel which contains a great amount of extraneous data used only by those programs.  

If you are going to cut and paste from Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher etc. you must use the "Paste from Word button and dialog box.  This will strip away most of the extraneous data and allow the page to be saved.   There are times when you need to click both checkboxes in the dialog box to remove all of the html formatting data.  Another thing that you can do is cut the text from your Word or Publisher document and paste it into Notepad then cut that and paste it into the dialog box. Doing these things will remove the extraneous html code and if this was the problem it should be corrected.


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